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I am one of the greatest photographical minds of our time. My greatest regret in life is (or “will be”) that I cannot truly be appreciated until long after I am gone. Observe my brilliant use of colors! See the way in which I make shadow dance upon light — as Fred Astaire dances down a giant, shimmering staircase in an old Hollywood motion picture. Enter my world and let my emotions pour out of your monitor…

On a serious note, I really just want people to take away whatever enjoyment from my photos that they like. Everything I’ve set forth here brings some sort of happy feeling or memory to me, and so I’ll gladly share that with you. I have also tried to put pictures up in their full resolution so that you can look as closely as you like — often getting right up to a photograph and looking at tiny details is my favorite thing to do.

You will find no specific theme to my photograph (although most galleries contain a single theme). I am easily bored, and have equal interest in landscapes, nature, abstracts, architectural photographs, as well as the occasional photograph of a human being, and so on.

Through my days, I’ve used a number of different cameras. Early on (read: “ages 4 – 8”), I shot with the Kodak Instamatic (with cube-flash!), then I purchased my first Nikon F-series camera (FG) — which I still have. I currently shoot with a number of different cameras, including Leica M3, M6 and the new (digital) M9, a Hasselblad 503, a Nikon FM2, and the (digital) Nikon D200. I also have an antique Hasselblad 1600F that doesn’t work properly, so if you know anyone that can repair antique Hasselblads, let me know.

…Enjoy my photographs, you fools! Muhahahahaaa!!!

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